Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Benefits of Starting a Direct Sales Business

There are many different benefits to starting a business in Direct Sales. You will hear people share their story, or sometimes called their Why, and may hear some of these benefits. My favorite benefit is the social interaction and meeting new people, forming new relationships!

There are lots of ways to meet people in Direct Sales. Meet new and potential Customers thru your day to day interactions. Most companies have different types of meetings, trainings, and Conferences. This is another great way to meet and network with other Consultants or Representatives in your industry.

Flexible Schedules

Have you ever wanted to work when you want? Set your own hours? Be your own boss? This one is one benefit that draws many people into Direct Sales. The majority of people in today's society want to run their own business.

Earn Extra Income   

Are you currently working full time or part time but just don't seem to be making enough at the end of the month? Direct Sales is a great way to add to the income you already have. The possibilities are endless. You can make as little or as much as you want. If you are unemployed what better way to get back into the workforce than to set your own hours and make your own income? Another benefit related to income, and another reason I started my own business, is the ability to take deductions from your taxes. For a full listing of the deductions you are allowed to take visit the IRS website HERE.

No Experience Necessary 

Most companies provide training and tools to help you with the skills to start your new business right away. Another great resource is your Upline or Sponsor who got you started in the business. Also, check Facebook, Pinterest or even Google your company and there are TONS of websites out there for training and tips.

These are just a few of the MANY benefits of the Direct Sales Opportunity. For more information about the Direct Sales Industry, check out the Direct Selling Association here. If you have any questions about Direct Sales or are interested in joining my team leave a comment below or use the Contact Me boxes below. I would love to work with you to find what best suits your needs. Thanks and have a Terrific Tuesday! Until next time,

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